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Defence Service Homes Amendment Bill 2019

The Defence Service Homes Amendment Bill 2019 was passed in the Senate on 14 November 2019.

The Bill would amend the Defence Service Homes Act 1918 to expand eligibility for coverage under the Defence Service Homes Insurance Scheme (the Scheme) to include all current and former members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) with at least one continuous full day of service. This will include Reservists, Peacekeepers and the widows and widowers of current and former ADF members.

Eligible members will benefit from the concessional home building insurance provided through the Scheme to reduce their costs of living.

ADF members and veterans who are currently ineligible for the Scheme pay higher home building insurance premiums, particularly in regional Australia and high peril risk areas such as northern Australia in which many reside.

The amendments will be modern legislative provisions which will align the Scheme to the Australian Government’s policy of supporting all veterans who have served, regardless of their type or length of service, in recognition of their sacrifice and service to the nation.

Further information, including the text of the Bill, Explanatory Memorandum, and Minister’s Second Reading Speech.

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