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Graduate Stories

Past DVA graduates share with you their experiences of the Graduate Program …

“DVA’s Graduate Program is filled with personal and professional development opportunities and provides the opportunity to experience a variety of functions, including liaison with other departments. Graduates are welcomed, valued and supported throughout the program, creating an ideal environment for entry in to the public service. During the program you will also build a valuable network of friends and colleagues that will serve you well into your career.”- Cedric

“DVA is not like any other department because it supports veterans in areas ranging from policy to service access, so no matter what your interests and skills are you will have a chance to use them and get experience. It’s the people that make the place, and the people at DVA are so passionate about helping veterans and their families and you can’t help but be inspired!” – Jaime-Lee

“If you’re thinking about applying for the DVA graduate program then DO IT! DVA will provide you with a program that expands your skills and opportunities. You will learn many new things in an environment where you are surrounded by individuals who are supportive, inclusive and very passionate about their work.”- Tara

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