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DVA Factsheets

Finding Factsheets

You can find the Factsheet you need in two ways:

If you experience an issue with any of the Factsheets please email the Factsheet Administrator

Deleted Factsheets

To request a copy of a deleted Factsheet, you need to email the DVA Factsheet Administrator

Below is a list of the most recently deleted DVA Factsheets; 

  • MRC48 Schoolkids Bonus has been deleted. The final instalments of Schoolkids Bonus were paid in January and July 2016.
  • MRC29 Australian Government Actuary Tables Used For Age Adjusting Lump Sum Payments has been deleted. Information is available in CLIK at
  • TIP01 Training and Information Program Overview
  • HAC05 Home Support Loans has been deleted. Information has been consolidated into HAC01 Defence Service Home Loans
  • FIP03 Records relating to veterans, former and serving members
  • IS152 Great Southern Rail Travel Concession

Printing Factsheets

Removing header /footer when printing

To remove the header/footer (including page number) you can;

  • Click File/ Print preview
  • Click icon (5th from left)

Emailing a Factsheet

To email a Factsheet, you will need to send the link to the individual Factsheet.

Posting a Factsheet

To post a Factsheet, you will need to print from the web site. If you need to print out as a PDF and you have access to PDF you can:

  • Click print icon at top of page
  • In ‘select printer”, select the Adobe PDF option (if available)
  • Save the PDF or attach to email

Other PDF printing options

If you open the Factsheet in Google Chrome or Safari (on a Mac computer), you can save the Factsheet webpage as a PDF. 

Instructions are here -

So instead of printing to a printer you can print/save to a PDF and then save onto your computer.

More Information

Email the DVA Factsheet Administrator for additional assistance or enquiries.

Visit the DVA Contacts page for more information on how to contact DVA.


The data contained in DVA Factsheets is only an interpretation of Departmental policy, and is designed solely to assist users. It is not authoritative and does not indicate the Commonwealths position with respect to any matters, nor does it indicate how the Commonwealth will act in any specific situation. All matters dealt with by the Commonwealth are treated solely on their individual circumstances and the appropriate application of the law.

DVA Factsheets, and the information it contains, is not binding in any way. It does not constitute legal information or advice, and cannot be relied on by any user. The Commonwealth does not accept liability for injury, loss or damage incurred by use of or reliance on the information provided in DVA Factsheets. The user must accept sole responsibility for the use of material on this site, irrespective of the purpose for which such use or results are applied. Users should obtain appropriate professional advice relevant to their particular circumstances.

For further information please also read this Disclaimer

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