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This annual report includes separate reports for the Repatriation Commission, the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission (MRCC) and the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA). It comprises three main elements, as set out below.

The terms 'DVA' and 'the Department' are used interchangeably and do not specifically refer to the Department as a unique entity within the Veterans' Affairs portfolio.


The Overview includes reports by the Secretary and the Chief Operating Officer; a description of the Veterans' Affairs portfolio; information on the Department, including its role, relationships and approach to service delivery; and a statistical snapshot of the veteran community.

Annual reports of the two Commissions

The annual report for each Commission describes its functions and powers, structure, membership, relationship with DVA, and key results for 2017–18.

Department of Veterans' Affairs annual report

The DVA annual report has been prepared in accordance with the Resource Management Guide No. 135: Annual reports for non-corporate Commonwealth entities as released in May 2018.

It comprises:

The final section includes definitions of terms and abbreviations used in the report, and details of the report's compliance with annual reporting requirements.

Performance reporting covers the 2017–18 financial year unless specified otherwise. Where accurate data will not become available until after the report is tabled, the data provided in this report are identified as estimates, and accurate figures will be provided in the next annual report.

Enquiries about the annual report

Enquiries and comments about this report should be directed to:

Executive Director
GPO Box 9998
Brisbane QLD 4001


Previous reports

DVA annual reports dating back to 2012–13 are available at Annual Reports (

Historical annual reports from 1918 onwards are available on the National Library of Australia's TROVE database. Reports from 1918 to 2007 can be accessed through the DVA website at Historical Annual Reports from 1918 onwards (‑onwards).

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