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The department's role is to support those who serve or have served in the defence of our nation and commemorate their service and sacrifice.


Most of the department's work in 2017–18 was related to the administration of the following Acts and their related instruments:

For more information on the Acts and legislative instruments administered by the department visit Legislation.

Performance framework

In 2017–18, the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) achieved the three purposes set out in the DVA Corporate Plan 2017–2021 through the corresponding outcomes set out in the DVA Portfolio Budget Statements 2017–18, as shown in Figure 1.


DVA's organisational structure was refreshed in 2017–18 as part of the Department's ongoing program of transformation to better meet the needs of veterans and their families. Figure 2 outlines the organisational structure of the Department at 30 June 2018.

Figure 1: DVA outcomes, programs and purposes 2017–18

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Text version of Figure 1

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Figure 2: DVA Organisational structure at 30 June 2018

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Text version of Figure 2

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