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Part 2. Management and accountability


This image introduces the Management and Accountability section of the Annual Report. It shows DVA Secretary Liz Cosson and staff listening to representatives from the Female Veterans and Veterans' Families Policy Forum, June 2018.

DVA Secretary Liz Cosson and staff hear from representatives of the Female Veterans and Veterans' Families Policy Forum, June 2018. Members worked with DVA on a variety of challenges, including how to develop better communication products and channels.

  • Corporate governance

    DVA's governance and management framework is based on the principles of performance assurance and accountability within a risk management framework.

  • External scrutiny

    External scrutiny provides independent assurance that DVA's systems, processes and controls are effective.

  • Legal services

    DVA provides a range of legal and assurance services to the Minister, the Repatriation Commission, the MRCC and other areas of the Veterans' Affairs portfolio.

  • People management

    DVA supports managers and staff with a full range of people management services to support them in servicing the veteran community.

  • Resource management

    DVA’s financial accountability responsibilities are set out in the Commonwealth Resource Management Framework, which governs how officials in the Commonwealth public sector use and manage public resources.

  • Support services

    DVA provides services to clients their nominated representatives, ex-service organisations and service providers via a number of channels, including face-to-face, telephone, and online.

  • Other mandatory information

    As a non-corporate Commonwealth entity, DVA reports on specific aspects of service delivery and management of people and resources, in line with the requirements of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 and other legislation.