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Appendix E: Advertising and market research

In 2017–18, DVA undertook advertising and market research to assist in the development of policy and programs, and to inform the public about services, entitlements and commemorative activities. DVA also placed tenders, public notices and recruitment advertisements. DVA did not undertake any major advertising campaigns or make any payments to creative advertising agencies or polling organisations.

Tables E1 to E3 report DVA’s expenditure on market research, direct mail services and media advertising in accordance with section 311A of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918. Payments of less than $13,200 have not been included.

Table E1: Payments to market research agencies 2017–18
Organisation Service provided Amount paid
(including GST) ($)
Inside Story To understand the insurance needs of the under-50s cohort 18,932.60
SODA Strategic Phase 1 — testing concepts for a possible new brand for the Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling Service 76,078.00
ORIMA Research Pty Ltd Professional services: M2 — final report 39,522.50
  Project fees 39,522.50
  ORIMA Research Survey 19,000.00
  Veterans employment commitment research and branding 21,840.00
  Revised veterans employment commitment research 22,190.00
  User research to inform the Prime Minister’s Veterans’ Employment Program website redevelopment (Milestone 1) 39,991.50
Total   277,077.10

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Table E2: Payments to direct mail organisations 2017–18
Organisation Service provided Amount paid
(including GST) ($)
Note: The amounts paid for these services relate to handling, sorting, packaging and related activities and do not include the costs of posting or producing distributed materials.
PMP Print Pty Ltd Vetaffairs newspaper packaging and lodgement 61,055.95
National Mailing & Marketing 2017 Remembrance Day mail-out 36,699.23
  2018 Anzac Day education mail-out 76,500.21
Total   174,255.39

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Table E3: Payments to media advertising agencies 2017–18
Organisation Service provided Amount paid
(including GST) ($)
Note: ‘Media advertising agencies’ are the central agencies that place government campaign and non-campaign advertising in the media.
Dentsu X Australia Pty Ltd Advertising, public notices and recruitment 565,321.57
Total   565,321.57

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