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Note 6. People and Relationships

This section describes a range of employment and post-employment benefits provided to our people and our relationships with other key people.

Note 6.1. Employee Provisions

  2018 2017
  $'000 $'000
Note 6.1A: Employee Provisions    
Annual leave 18,524 20,081
Long service leave 44,294 48,236
Other employee provisions 374 352
Total employee provisions 63,192 68,669
Employee provisions expected to be settled    
   No more than 12 months 17,076 18,893
   More than 12 months 46,116 49,776
Total employee provisions 63,192 68,669

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Note 6.2. Key Management Personnel Remuneration

  2018 2017
  $'000 $'000
  Substantive Substantive
  managers managers
The total number of senior management personnel that are included in the above table is 7. (2017: 7)
1.  The above key management personnel remuneration excludes the remuneration and other benefits of the Portfolio Minister. The Portfolio Minister's remuneration and other benefits are set by the Remuneration Tribunal and are not paid by the entity.
Short-term employee benefits 1,758,486 2,095,866
Post-employment benefits 239,424 328,118
Other long-term employee benefits 217,942 226,057
Total key management personnel remuneration expenses1 2,215,852 2,650,041

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Note 6.3. Related Party Disclosures

Related party relationships

The entity is an Australian Government controlled entity. Related parties to this entity are Key Management Personnel including the Portfolio Minister (The Minister for Veterans' Affairs) and Executive.

In accordance with AASB 124, and for the purpose of related party disclosures in the financial statements, key management personnel (KMP) for the Department include any of the following and their close family members:

  • The Minister
  • The Secretary
  • Those staff reporting directly to the Secretary
    • Deputy Secretary/ Chief Operating Officer
    • Deputy President
    • Commissioner
    • First Assistant Secretary, Commemorations & War Graves
    • Chief Finance Officer
    • Assistant Secretary, Provider Engagement and Assurance/General Manager, Defence Service Homes Insurance Scheme
  • Close family members of the key management personnel
  • Organisations in which the KMP have controlling interests.

Transactions with related parties

Given the breadth of Government activities, related parties may transact with the government sector in the same capacity as ordinary citizens.

Giving consideration to relationships with related entities, and transactions entered into during the reporting period by the entity, it has been determined that there no related party transactions to be separately disclosed.

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