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Repatriation Commission activity

The Repatriation Commission held 16 formal meetings to consider 84 submissions in 2016–17, compared with 15 formal meetings and 70 submissions in 2015–16. DVA is embracing significant change and the Commission considered a range of policy improvements and well as individual cases.

Matters considered by the Repatriation Commission in 2016–17 included:

  • delegation of Commission powers
  • amendments to the Treatment Principles
  • day-to-day service delivery and business management issues bearing on the performance of the Department in administration of the VEA
  • high-level policy and procedures relating to the VEA
  • contracting and tendering for the supply of a range of health and support services
  • possible amendments to the VEA that may be particularly sensitive for government or key stakeholders, in particular the service and ex-service communities
  • assistance for contemporary widows, widowers and dependants.

The Repatriation Commission's activities under the VEA are focused on meeting the needs of all clients. Activity under the VEA is reported in Part 1 of the DVA annual report under programs 1.1–1.5, programs 2.1–2.5, and Outcome 3.

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