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DVA fast facts

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DVA fast facts (text version)

Fast Facts

2016–17 Actual

  • $12.1 billion
Compensation and Support—$6.4 billion
  • Income support clients—176,232
  • Number of conditions determined—57,000
  • Supported compensation clients—169,727
  • Assisted clients with home insurance—8,029
Health and Wellbeing—$5.3 billion
  • Conducted VVCS counselling sessions—94,726
  • Visits to the At Ease website—168,694
  • Provided travel to treatment (number of instances)—1.8 million
  • Provided Gold Health Cards—135,263
  • Provided White Health Cards—58,705
  • Health service providers—160,054
Commemorations—$47.2 million
  • Maintained war graves in Australia & Papua New Guinea—22,397
  • Post-war commemorations—319,434
  • Educational resources—273,904
Enabling Services—$383.4 million
  • Clients who have a MyAccount—56,713
  • Employees—1,938
  • Website page views—5,691,910

Our Purpose

To support those who serve or have served in the defence of our nation and commemorate their service and sacrifice.

DVA supported

  • 165,000 veterans
  • 127,220 dependants
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