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DVA administers payments and services for eligible veterans and their families, and provides advice and administrative support to the Repatriation Commission and Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission.

DVA’s purpose is to support those who serve or have served in the defence of our nation and commemorate their service and sacrifice, through:

  1. Maintaining and enhancing the quality of life of clients by improving their financial wellbeing and self-sufficiency.
  2. Maintaining and enhancing the quality of life of clients by improving their physical and mental wellbeing.
  3. Acknowledging and commemorating veterans’ service and sacrifice, and promoting an increased understanding of Australia’s wartime history.


Figure 1 outlines the organisational structure of the Department.

Figure 1—DVA organisational structure at 30 June 2017

This image shows the organisational structure of the Department of Veterans' Affairs as at 30 June 2017. (See following for text version of the content of this image.)

Text version of Figure 1

  • Secretary—Simon Lewis PSM
    • Deputy Secretary/ Chief Operating Officer—Liz Cosson AM CSC
      • Group directly under the COO
        • Principal Legal Advisor—Assistant Secretary/ Chief Audit Executive—Carolyn Spiers
        • Principal Medical Adviser—Dr Ian Gardner
        • Portfolio, Program & Assurance Office—Assistant Secretary—Neil Bayles
      • Group following the group under the COO
        • Corporate—First Assistant Secretary—Narelle Dotta
          • ICT Solutions—Assistant Secretary/ Chief Information Officer—Shane McLeod
          • Parliamentary & Governance—Assistant Secretary—Liane Pettitt
          • People Services—Assistant Secretary—Roger Wizenberg
          • Resources—Assistant Secretary/ Chief Finance Officer—Graeme Rochow
        • Rehabilitation & Support—First Assistant Secretary—Lisa Foreman
          • Income Support & Grants—Assistant Secretary—Amber Vados (Acting)
          • Policy Support—Assistant Secretary—Luke Brown
          • Program Support—Assistant Secretary—Michelle Glanville (Acting)
          • Rehabilitation Case Escalation & MRCA Review—Assistant Secretary—Edel Kairouz
        • Health & Community Services—First Assistant Secretary—Sue Campion
          • Mental & Social Health—Assistant Secretary—Leonie Mack
          • Policy—Assistant Secretary—Veronica Hancock
          • Program Management—Assistant Secretary—Robyn Kemp
          • Procurement & Contract Management—Assistant Secretary—John Fely
          • Services Access—Assistant Secretary—Maralyn Newman (Acting)
        • Transformation—First Assistant Secretary—Kate Pope
          • Communication & Stakeholder Engagement—Assistant Secretary—Alex Gerrick
          • Veteran Centric Reform—Second Pass Business Case—Assistant Secretary—Richard Magor
          • Digital & DVA Transformation—Assistant Secretary—Larissa Hinds (Acting)
        • Commemorations & War Graves—First Assistant Secretary—Major General Dave Chalmers AO CSC
          • Commemorations—Assistant Secretary—Tim Evans
          • Office of War Graves—Director—Ken Corke
    • Deputy President of the Repatriation Commission—Craig Orme DSC AM CSC
      • Deputy Commissioner VIC (SRO Claims)—John Geary
      • Deputy Commissioner NSW/ACT—John Sadeik (Acting)
        • Deputy Commissioner QLD—Leanne Cameron
        • Deputy Commissioner WA—Peter King
        • Deputy Commissioner SA—Janice Silby
        • Deputy Commissioner TAS—Jan Hyde
        • Deputy Commissioner NT—Lance Johnson (Acting)
    • Repatriation Commission—Major General Mark Kelly AO DSC
      • Veterans & Veterans Families Counselling Services—National Manager—Dr Stephanie Hodson CSC
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