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Administration of the MRCA and SRCA

The MRCA provides a comprehensive range of compensation and rehabilitation for injured and ill ADF members and former members, including:

  • payments for medical treatment
  • income replacement for periods of incapacity for work
  • permanent impairment compensation, which can be provided as a lump sum or as ongoing periodic payments
  • payment for rehabilitation programs
  • compensation and support following the death of a member or former member.

Section 384 of the MRCA allows the MRCC to delegate its functions or powers under that Act to individual members of the MRCC, staff assisting the MRCC, certain employees under the Public Service Act, members of the ADF, and a consultant to the MRCC or an employee of that consultant.

Section 152 of the Transitional Act allows the MRCC to delegate its powers and functions under the SRCA to the same group of persons specified in section 384 of the MRCA.

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