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Acronyms and abbreviations

AAT Administrative Appeals Tribunal
AAT Act Administrative Appeals Tribunal Act 1975
ADF Australian Defence Force
ADR alternative dispute resolution
AIHW Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
APS Australian Public Service
ARP Applied Research Program
ASIST Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training
ASL average staffing level
ATDP Advocacy Training and Development Program
ATO Australian Taxation Office
BEST Building Excellence in Support and Training
CCS Coordinated Client Support program
CDPP Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions
CSA community support adviser
CVC Coordinated Veterans' Care
CWGC Commonwealth War Graves Commission
DHS Department of Human Services
DSHIS Defence Service Homes Insurance Scheme
DVA Department of Veterans' Affair
EL Executive Level
ESOs ex-service organisations
FOI Act Freedom of Information Act 1982
GAS goal attainment scaling
ICT information and communications technology
IVLO Indigenous Veterans' Liaison Officer
MOU memorandum of understanding
MRCA Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2004
MRCC Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission
NCF National Mental Health Commission
NMHC Training and Information Program
OAWG Office of Australian War Graves
PIR Pensioner initiated review
PTSD posttraumatic stress disorder
R&C rehabilitation and compensation
RMA Repatriation Medical Authority
RPBS Repatriation Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme
RPL recognition of prior learning
RPRC Repatriation Pharmaceutical Reference Committee
SES Senior Executive Service
SMRC Specialist Medical Review Council
SOPs Statements of Principles
SRCA Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988
TIP Training and Information Program
VAN Veterans' Access Network
VCR Veteran Centric Reform
VEA Veterans' Entitlements Act 1986
VHC Veterans' Home Care
VRB Veterans' Review Board
VVCS Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling Service

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