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Appendix J: Corrections to previous annual report

Minor errors or omissions in DVA’s 2012–13 Annual Report are listed below.

Letter of Transmittal – A statement certifying that the Department has taken all reasonable measures to minimise the incidence of fraud and to investigate and recover the proceeds of fraud against the agency was not included in the Letter of Transmittal. This statement has been included in this year’s report.

Snapshot of the veteran community – Table 2 Summary of benefit recipient numbers by type of benefit 2009–10 to 2013–14 . The total number of housing loan subsidies paid under Defence Service Homes was incorrectly reported as 15,227. The correct number is 15,237.

Management and Accountability – Figure 21 in the section Corporate Governance showed the ‘Staffing & Resources Committee’. The correct name is ‘Staff and Resources Committee’.

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