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Image of Simon Lewis PSM, President<br />

Simon Lewis PSM, President

Simon was appointed Secretary of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, President of the Repatriation Commission and Chair of the MRCC on 11 July 2013.

Simon’s career in the Australian Public Service began when he joined the Australian Bureau of Statistics in 1976. He has held positions in the Department of Defence’s logistics organisation, the Department of Finance and the Department of Finance and Deregulation. Before moving to DVA, Simon served as Associate Secretary and Chief Operating Officer in the Department of Defence.

Simon has tertiary qualifications in economics, public administration and computing studies. He completed Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program in 2007.

Image of Shane Carmody, Deputy President<br />

Shane Carmody, Deputy President

Shane commenced a five-year term as Deputy President of the Repatriation Commission on 15 June 2009. His term expired on 14 June 2014. As Deputy President, Shane undertook duties equivalent to those of a Deputy Secretary of the Department and was also a member of the MRCC.

Shane has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Queensland and a Master of Business Administration from Monash University. He is a former Army officer and has extensive experience in the Australian Public Service. Shane’s previous positions include Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and Deputy Secretary in the Department of Defence.

Image of Jennifer Collins, Acting Deputy President<br />

Jennifer Collins, Acting Deputy President

Jennifer commenced acting in the position of Deputy President, Repatriation Commission, on 23 June 2014, following the expiration of Shane Carmody’s term. Prior to her appointment, Jennifer had been Deputy Commissioner for NSW/ACT since 2009.

Image of Major General Mark Kelly AO DSC, Commissioner<br />

Major General Mark Kelly AO DSC, Commissioner

Mark began his five-year appointment to the Repatriation Commission and the MRCC on 1 July 2010.

In an Army career spanning more than 35 years, Mark served in a number of senior command appointments, including as Commanding Officer of the 1st Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment; Commander 3rd Brigade; Commander 1st Division; Land Commander Australia; and Commander Joint Task Force 633 (CJTF 633).

Mark’s operational experience includes service with the Commonwealth Monitoring Force in Zimbabwe/Rhodesia (1979–80), service as Chief of Staff of the International Force in East Timor (1999–2000), service with US CENTCOM in the Middle East, Afghanistan, the Horn of Africa and Iraq (2003–04) and service as CJTF 633, commanding all ADF elements in the Middle East Area of Operations, Iraq and Afghanistan (2009–10).

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