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Assets management

DVA runs an effective asset management programme, registering assets on receipt in the financial management system and conducting an annual stocktake. Asset accounting functions and the management of intangible assets are centrally controlled, while day-to-day management of physical assets is decentralised to regional locations.


During 2013–14, DVA continued to review its accommodation across Australia, aiming to minimise the expense and extent of leased accommodation while maintaining its quality. The Department extended leases for a number of sites across the country and took occupancy of a new property in Broadbeach, Queensland. A number of Veterans’ Access Network sites were closed, with the Department providing services through the Department of Human Services or outreach services.

DVA Offices that have closed and closure dates are as follows:

Bairnsdale: 13 June 2014

Ballarat: 13 June 2014

Morwell: 13 June 2014

Wollongong: 13 June 2014

Face-to-face DVA services are now available through Department of Human Services at Ballarat; Bendigo; Mildura; Morwell; Nowra; Warrnambool; and Wyong.

Shared services

Under DVA’s Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Human Services, major activity during 2013–14 related to the modernisation of DVA’s desktop environment. This included standardising DVA’s operating environment by replacing ageing office equipment and developing new telecommunications arrangements (due for delivery in 2014–15).


The Contract Advisory Unit provides services in support of procurement and contracting activities. The unit provides specialist business advice to the Commissions and all areas of the Department engaged in procurement. Its services include developing contract templates, providing better practice guides on all aspects of the procurement cycle, providing contract management advice, and ensuring compliance with mandatory reporting requirements. The unit is also responsible for ensuring that the Department’s procurement policy accords with government guidelines.

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