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Support services

Client contact

DVA maintains its traditional access points through the Veterans’ Access Network (VAN) which offers flexibility in nationally managing phone calls and face-to-face visits. The national network ensures the provision of continued and uninterrupted service to the veteran community should any one state or location be affected by a natural disaster, power outage or any other unforeseen event. This is supplemented by service models providing more intensive support to clients who have complex circumstances or multiple needs, such as ‘single point of contact’ style services.

DVA is expanding existing contact channels from letter and phone call to include online services, SMS and email, and widening the ability to reach clients by greater exploitation of social media including Twitter and YouTube.

The On Base Advisory Service continued in 2012-13, ensuring that serving members have immediate access to information about DVA and onsite support from DVA staff.

Online services

DVA launched its online services portal, MyAccount, in May 2012. As at 30 June 2013, there were over 15 000 registered users. DVA clients can view their personal, payment and claims information, manage transport bookings, submit initial liability claims, notify DVA of overseas travel and search official commemorations. MyAccount also offers an Entitlement Self Assessment tool and a DVA Benefits guide. New services will continue to be added to MyAccount every six months until May 2015.

More online services

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