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Appendix J: List of corrections to previous annual report

Minor errors or omissions in tables and other instances in DVA’s 2011–12 Annual Report are listed below. Many corrections also appear as footnotes to the tables where the errors or omissions appeared last year.

Program 1.2 – the number of section 137 reports prepared in 2011–12 was incorrectly reported as 218; the correct number was 391.

Program 1.5 – the explanation about the origin of funds for the Long Tan Bursary coming from the Agent Orange legal settlement in the US was not accurate. The Long Tan Bursary was introduced as one of a number of measures to benefit Vietnam veterans in the 2000–01 Budget. The Long Tan Bursary Scheme was part of the Australian Government’s response to the validated findings of the Vietnam Veterans Health (Morbidity) Study.

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