New supplier arrangements from 1 January 2010 for the provision of Continence Products to Eligible Persons

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) funds the provision of continence products through the Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP) to eligible persons with a clinically assessed need.  Provision of products is arranged by an appropriate health provider through DVA contracted suppliers.

What are the changes?

From 1 January 2010, following the outcome of a recent tender process, continence products will be supplied nationally to DVA eligible persons from either Intouch or from Independence Australia. 

There are no changes to current entitlements or product limits.

What if I am already receiving continence products from DVA?

If you are already receiving your products from either of these companies then there will be no change to your current arrangements and you can continue to ring them for re-supply as long as you have a valid prescription.

If you are in WA and are currently receiving your continence products from Surgical House then your supply arrangements will eventually change during the period March – June 2010 and your products will eventually be delivered by either Intouch or Independence Australia. DVA will write to you shortly advising you of how and when these changes will occur. In the meantime you will continue to receive your products from Surgical House.

What if I have only just been prescribed continence products but have not received my first order?

From 1 January 2010 your health provider who prescribed you the continence products will need to refer the order to either Intouch or Independence Australia. The choice of which one to use will be up to you and your health provider.

Any enquiries in regard to supply or entitlement of continence products and the new supply arrangements can be referred to DVA General Enquiries:

Telephone: 133 254
Regional callers: 1800 555 254
Nearest VAN Office: 1300 55 1918

Information for health providers

There are no changes to the categories of continence items available or the product limits within each category.  Provision is based on an assessed clinical need and prescribers are asked to prescribe/order the simplest and most effective products to meet this need.

Product catalogues and samples are available from each of the suppliers.  To order please contact:

Intouch 1800 382 727
Independence Australia 1300 788 855

For further information regarding provision of continence products, or other items under RAP, health providers can call the Provider Hotline:

(Please press option 1 when prompted)
Telephone: 1300 550 457
Regional callers: 1800 550 457
Fax: 08 8290 0379