Booked car with driver

Update – New contracts for Booked Car Scheme providers

As an Australian Government department, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) is required to approach the market on a regular basis, usually every three to five years, for the purchase of services from third parties.

DVA released a Request for Tender (RFT) for the provision of taxi and hire car services as part of its Booked Car Scheme in June 2011.  Following an extensive evaluation process, this tender has now been completed and successful taxi and hire car companies started providing transport services to eligible DVA clients on 1 March 2012.

The purpose of the tender process was to ensure that appropriately licensed and accredited taxi and hire car companies are able to provide eligible DVA clients a reliable, timely and high quality service with trained drivers who are in tune with the needs of the veteran community.

Throughout the tender process DVA ensured that there will be sufficient vehicle coverage to meet demand, especially during normal peak periods.  The number of transport providers available in cities and larger regional areas has increased which has also increased the number of vehicles available to DVA clients, including those with wheelchair access.

DVA has ensured that all transport providers are committed to ensuring their drivers are trained and have an understanding of the needs of the veteran community.  DVA also relies on state/territory government transport regulators to ensure these transport providers meet community standards.

There may be some changes to the drivers who usually transport DVA clients.  While the driver and vehicle may be different, be assured that drivers are trained and aware of the special needs of DVA clients.

Booked Car Scheme
(Booked Car Scheme is also known as ‘Booked Car with Driver’)

The Booked Car Scheme is available to eligible DVA clients when they attend a health provider for approved medical treatment.  Under this scheme, which focuses on a high quality and reliable service, local taxi and hire car providers are contracted to DVA to arrange suitable vehicles to transport DVA clients to their medical appointment on time.

DVA totally relies on the existing taxi and hire car networks that operate independently around the country for its Booked Car Scheme. DVA manages the bookings for travel based on medical appointment times. The bookings are dispatched to a contracted transport provider operating in a particular geographic area, usually the day before the appointment. It is the responsibility of the transport provider to allocate the job to a driver at the appropriate time to ensure the DVA client arrives at their appointment on time.

For more information about the Booked Car Scheme, see the following Factsheets:

  • HSV02 – Entitlements under the Repatriation Transport Scheme
  • HSV03 Transport modes available under the Repatriation Transport Scheme

Contacting DVA

Call 1300 550 455 (metropolitan areas) or 1800 550 455 (regional areas) to make transport bookings.

Call 133 254 (metropolitan areas) or 1800 555 254 (regional areas) to report any transport issues, or complaints with drivers or service.

General enquiries can be emailed to