Choose Health: Be Active

A physical activity guide for older Australians

Choose Health Be Active cover image

Designed as a guide to help older Australians lead physically active and healthy lives, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs  and the Department of Health and Ageing jointly produced this popular publication Choose Health: Be Active.

The publication demonstrates how the Australian Aged Care Community can benefit from participating in some form of physical activity on a regular basis.  The publication demonstrates how exercising:

  • can be the key to maintaining good health;
  • can help prevent certain illnesses;
  • helps to reduce stress levels and insomnia;
  • help to enhance mental wellbeing; and
  • provides a great opportunity to enjoy physical activity with family and friends.

The publication includes descriptions and diagrams for different exercises and demonstrates simple ways to build exercise and physical activity into your daily routine.  It offers ideas for keeping active at no cost, including balance and strength exercises that can be done in your own home.  It includes an activity planner, advice on how to cope with health problems and how to overcome setbacks.   A copy of the publication Choose Health: Be Active can be downloaded for free from the DVA website at 'Choose Health Be Active' (Adobe PDF 2Mb).

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